2015 Emerson Exchange – Refining and Petrochemical Industry Forum

Alan Weldon (Industry Forum Chair) and I are looking for panel members to participate in the Refining and Petrochemical Industry Forum at the Emerson Global Users Exchange in Denver, CO, October 12-16th.

The format is 90 minutes with three topics of discussion. Each panel member speaks for ~10 minutes to initiate dialogue followed by ~20 minutes of discussion and Q&A with the audience. The 30 minute process is repeated for each topic. This is the list of topics we are seeking panel members to present on and discuss:

  • Refining and petrochemical integration
  • Turnarounds and the shortage of skilled resources
  • Process safety

The refining and petrochemical industry forum takes place 2:30-4:00pm MT on Monday, October 12th in Denver, CO. Additional information can be found online at http://www.emersonexchange.org/americas/

Please contact Tim.Olsen@Emerson.com if interested.