Compact Controllers Support Renewable and Microgrid Applications

At the most recent Ovation Users’ Group Conference, there was an excellent breakout session on the Ovation Compact Controller. The fit-for-purpose controller is well-suited for utilities and independent power producers with growing and diverse renewable generation portfolios.

While the individual processes may differ, a microgrid controller, wind turbine controller, or solar power controller all need to be small, rugged and secure. The end objective is to enable a "set-it and forget-it" control solution for these smaller applications, while providing the same reliability as a distributed control system for larger plant applications.

The compact controller's modular design can be scaled down for standalone, skid-mounted equipment or natively merged into a larger, plant-wide control system. Additionally, built-in wide-area network capability, using cell or wireless communication technologies, helps power producers cost-effectively manage vital distributed assets.

This video provides a nice summary of the compact controller.