Fully Integrated Excitation Control Systems

In many cases, an excitation control system is treated as a stand-alone system that is separate from a plant’s distributed control system. However, the Ovation excitation controller is fully integrated into the Ovation platform; creating an excitation control system that is a part of the plant’s control system.

The Ovation excitation control system leverages the platform's common HMIs, network, historian, alarming system, engineering tools, diagnostic data and security functions.

This extends many inherent benefits to plant owners:

  • Monitor and control all plant systems from common workstations enabling better decision making and improve operator efficiency
  • Streamlines lifecycle management, training requirements, and reduces inventory costs
  • Increases reliability and system security by reducing integration risks associated with interface communications and upgrades of multiple systems

To learn more about the basics and installation best practices for generator excitation controls, you can read this article summarizing a 2019 Ovation Users’ Group conference session.