Modernization with Pervasive Sensing for Old Power Plants to Meet New Demands

Today I presented on "Modernization with Pervasive Sensing for Old Power Plants to Meet New Demands" at the Power Gen Asia conference and exhibition in Thailand.

My presentation focused on how the power industry can benefit from Pervasive Sensing solutions. You can read the full explanation in my article published in Power Engineering International (PEI) in conjunction with this event
My presentation and the article focuses on four broad categories of issues in power plants as identified by an Emerson study. These correspond nicely to the four pillars of Pervasive Sensing solutions. Keep in mind that it is not just four simple problems. It is really four categories of challenges that these power plants are having that can be addressed using a second layer of automation based on plant-wide WirelessHART infrastructure. It cites several success stories from the power industry around the world.

Availability ~ Reliability
• Improved equipment reliability
• Reduced scheduled plant downtime
• Reduced unscheduled plant downtime
• Reduced preventive maintenance
• Shorter turnarounds
• Longer between turnarounds

Heat Rate ~ Energy
• Greater energy efficiency
• Reduced energy loss and consumption

Emissions ~ HSSE
• Reduced emissions
• Regulatory compliance
• Reduced incidents

Operator & Engineer Effectiveness ~ Process
• Reduced operator rounds
• Improved productivity

Other presentations in the same track also talked about the need for additional monitoring of temperature profiles, corrosion, and fouling, Lots of discussion around emissions. Wireless sensors, many of which are non-intrusive, is a good way to achieve this monitoring.