Safety matters when it comes to combustion - Avoid information overload

Do you remember those times when operators were presented with so much process information that it became a task in it own right to find what was relevant for that instance in time when you most need a system that does not lead to confusion.

When it comes to safety systems it's imperative that operators have the right information, generated at the right time to address the problem or situation at hand. Managing complex applications where the combustion process may involve multiple fuels and multiple burners it becomes even more important for operators to have a system designed to simplify its management.

Removing complexity from the outset by considering a holistic approach taking into account the design, engineering and graphical interface is an important goal for system designers, engineers and operators. Managing the design and engineering from an operators perspective and working back to determine the most appropriate design is critical.

The irony for operators of safety systems is in them being rarely used. Only if and when circumstances prevail will the system need to be interrogated and this is one reason why operators should be able to navigate around the system quickly and effectively.

Sasol took advantage of this methodology when they were looking for a replacement safety system for furnace protection at their integrated chemical plant in Sasolborg, South Africa.

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