Safety matters when it comes to combustion

An poorly maintained industrial boiler can have disastrous consequences on the smooth running of any business.

There are many examples where a catastrophic boiler failure leading to an explosion can harm people and property, lead to financial losses and significant costs to rebuild and get a business operational. The reputational damage alone, in some cases, could lead to business closure.

A boiler of any size can lead to major problems as you will see from the video below that shows the outcome of a Firetube boiler explosion.

Click here for the video


So when looking at a boilerhouse and ensuring the safe operation of steam and steam/power plants it is important to understand the overall requirements to meet the regulatory requirements in your respective countries.

Health & Safety agencies, risk assessments, operator accreditation, manager/supervisor training, water quality, wet side controls and combustion controls & safety all come together to provide the fundamental requirements for safe operation of plant and personnel.

Since safety is an overriding factor for boiler protection the ability for a safety system (BMS) to manage any number of fuel sources, whether the boiler operates with a single fuel or multiples fuels. The complexities of managing all this requires much from operators and therefore designing safety systems that simplify troubleshooting become critical.

The capabilities to design and deliver systems with highly intuitive operator controls, built in diagnostics and easy troubleshooting helps provide a valuable tool for the safe operation of combustion fired equipment.

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If you would like to discuss our experience, learn how and where we have delivered solutions in simple and complex safety system applications and better understand what you need to know to ensure your boiler continues to operate safely i would be be happy to put you in touch with our experts.

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