Managing Efficient Combustion

While the cost of energy has dropped recently, the need for efficient combustion remains important due to its impact on emissions, plant equipment fouling, and the reliability of the process.

Bob Sabin Consulting Engineer

Bob Sabin
Consulting Engineer

Emerson’s Bob Sabin is featured in a series of new videos posted on the Rosemount Measurement YouTube channel.

The videos include:

In the Energy Management Concept video, Bob gives an overview of concepts, strategies, and solutions for managing and improving energy performance in order to reduce cost and emissions while supporting production. Bob opens the video highlighting the statistic that 40% of the incoming energy to process manufacturing or production operation is lost. These losses occur through inefficiencies, leaks, waste, and operating practices to name a few. Automation and control technology can correct the situation. Optimizing combustion in boilers, fired heaters, furnaces, incinerators reduce energy usage and cut emissions. Optimized combustion is addressed through a combination of accurate, reliable measurement & final control, and advanced control strategies to align control with operating objectives.

In the second video on combustion optimization, Bob takes a closer look at the instrumentation required to run stable operations, reduce fuel costs, and minimize emissions. He notes that it’s not only the process measurements, but the instrumentation to monitor the rotating machinery—pumps, blowers and other critical mechanical devices required in the combustion process. By identifying problems before they reach the point of failure, the problem can be addressed in an orderly manner.

In the final video on energy measurements, Bob looks at some of the more difficult measurement challenges found in combustion and energy applications and the technologies and approaches that address them. Good process control is required for good energy performance. Good process control requires accurate and stable measurements across the combustion process—air and fuel flows, fuel energy content and properties and flue gas composition.

Bob and the Industrial Energy consulting team have developed a report, Top 5 Measurements in Energy Management, which describes specific solutions using Rosemount instrumentation and some results that process plants have achieved.

You can also connect and interact with other industrial energy experts in the Industrial Energy group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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