self delete graphics

Dear All

on PIC folder I deleted some files called  group3000_01, group3000_02

Then I created a new ones with the same name  

but they are auto deleted from the folder.

on other words

the system automatically deletes any new files has a previously deleted name

my ver is 14.2

Also I am disable auto update for displays


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  • Make sure to empty the recycle bin
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    I ve already done this
    But still deleting
  • Hi
    Did you disable auto update, before or after you graphics modification ?
    How did you delete files , with Windows Explorer or from DV Operate ?

    ". Use DeltaV Operate in Configure mode to delete pictures (right-click the picture in the System Tree and select
    Delete) and then use Windows Explorer to remove the picture from the YellowPages folder. This should be done
    on all of the workstations."
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    I use delete utilities in configuration mode
    I disable auto update after deleting
    I did not touch yellow pages
    Should I remove them from yellow pages manually
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    Hagouda has discovered that the utility is working too well and is preventing him from reusing the name of a deleted Picture. The utility is doing such a good job of deleting the Picture that is it deleting a new picture with the same name.

    Many of us have a long experience deleting displays in DeltaV Operate. The Auto Update service has created challenges as it tries to maintain consistency in the displays across the system, recreating a deleted picture because it was still present on one console. This has led to various methodologies, including disabling Auto update pages and scouring the DVDATA folder to remove the files in the Graphics-iFix folder and the Yellow Pages directories on every workstation.

    Here are my suggestions:

    1. Are you at v14.2? That is not a released version. v14.3.0 was the engineering release, which was followed by v14.3.FP1 and the current release is v14.LTS (Also known as v14.3.1) and the v14.FP1 (language release) is also available. You should install either v14.LTS or v14.FP1 as any issue with the display delete utility would be resolved in a Hotfix for v14.LTS.

    2. You should open a call with the GSC. If you do not have current v14.LTS or later installed, you will likely be instructed to bring to current version. If the GSC confirms the issue in current release, they may have a workaround. Any fix will come on v14.LTS and FPx releases.

    I would not be experimenting on a production system with this. If you have an offline system where you can create and delete displays, you could try enabling Auto Update and see if that works to somehow allow the deletion task to "complete" and no longer care about this display name.

    Andre Dicaire

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    I have had this issue. Found that let’s say I delete the graphic on Pro station using delete utility and empty the recycle bin on same station. Then create a new graphic of same name. The graphic would create and pass around via yellow pages to all stations but would randomly delete on random stations at random time, but not all stations. What I found in the end is that the recycle bin of the delete utility still had the original graphic on the proplus recycle bin and another pro staton. I emptied the recycle bin on all stations and that stopped the issue.
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    Yes you have to clean yellow pages, and agree with André and Benji at the end every body remove display from auto update service . Be carrefull only must be unchecked from this service , setup must be always checked. take care with manipulation of autoupdate service it's too easy to make mistake with it
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    Funny thing about Documentation. Sometimes it holds the answers. Benji got me thinking to look this up and the section on "Deleting and Restoring Graphics" covers it pretty well. The utility also allows you to restore a deleted display or chart. When deleted, the display is placed in the DeltaV Recycle Bin. Until the DeltaV Recycle Bin is purged, these display names cannot be reused.

    Note this is not the Windows Recycle Bin.

    The Auto Update Diagnostic application gives you a real time events of delete and restore propagation. I'll have to give this a try...

    Andre Dicaire

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    Thanks tomorrow I'll check my ver revert\
    Also I cleared all recycle bins

    also I checked Yellow pages folder it does not contain same file with additional group3000_07.grf.z
    on all ows but it is found on Pro plus when saving it with this name

    When I copied .grf.z file to yellow pages of one OWS then copy thisgroup3000_07.grf file it was not auto-deleted and every thing was ok

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    We are running into an exact situation here and may I ask if there is now a reliable, consistent procedure to remove/delete old graphics and replace them with new ones of the same names?

    We followed the Deleting and Restoring Graphics method stated in Book-Online including deleting old graphic files using DeltaV Operate Configure and emptying the DeltaV Recycle Bin. Yet, one of our OWS absolutely refuses to accept one new graphic file (of the same name) even though another OWS accepted it fine. The ProPlus also was able to have the new graphic files. We had also tried manually copying using Windows Explore with the Auto-Update Service disabled.

    Your advices are appreciated.

    Hagouda: Would you please elaborate on what you did here to make it work?

    "When I copied .grf.z file to yellow pages of one OWS then copy thisgroup3000_07.grf file it was not auto-deleted and every thing was ok
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    Just a quick note to share what we did to solve the problem. Hope this will help someone with a similar situation.
    At the problematic OWS, we opened the graphic file to be added using DeltaV Operate Configure, then saved it to the Pic folder of the OWS.