DeltaV mobile for DeltaV 14

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I was wondering whether DeltaV Mobile software available in google play can be installed for DeltaV version 14 in addition to version 13 or not? If not, what is the alternative software?

another question is that Apart from installing the application on mobile, what program or license should be installed on the station?

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  • The answers would mainly be available in the Product Data Sheet for DeltaV Mobile, which would include compatibility and licensing. The App in the google play connects to a Server that runs the software that connects to the DeltaV systems. Each system connection is served by a "Communicator" that runs on a local application station where the Continuous Historian is running (to serve data to the spark lines and trends). PDS also says this is compatible for v13 and higher. It also shows various topologies for deployment within your organization. Google DeltaV Mobile PDS

    Andre Dicaire