Preview of TopWorx D2-FF Discrete Valve Controller (H1 ITK 6.0 Registered) at Petronas Emerson Exchange 2012 (4-5 July)

TopWorx D2-FF Discrete Valve Controller is one of the first devices registered with the Fieldbus Foundation devices based on its H1 Interoperability Test Kit (ITK) Version 6.0.  It combines analog/digital position sensing and monitoring with FOUNDATION fieldbus communications and pilot valve output drivers for on/off applications. All H1 ITK 6.0 tested devices support the latest advancements in field diagnostics per the NAMUR NE107 recommendation, which build upon the existing, powerful diagnostic capabilities of FOUNDATION fieldbus equipment, and at the same time, add a greater degree of organization so field instruments can represent their diagnostics in a more consistent way. For example, employing NE 107 field diagnostics capabilities, non-critical diagnostics can be routed to a maintenance station for future work while critical diagnostics can be routed to operations with specific recommendations on how to resolve an instrumentation issue. This and other advanced ITK 6.0 features are fully configurable to provide utmost flexibility in user applications.

Come to TopWorx booth to understand more!

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