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VRTX Servers and their capacities

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For our new production facility, we are looking into putting a virtual deltav system.  We are looking into putting VRTX servers.  I have a question on the limitations and capacity of the VRTX & Blade servers.  Do we need to have a second domain controller (Blade Server) when we are adding a second VRTX server chassis with 3 more Blade servers?  If we can add more Blades (VM hosts),  what is the limitation on the number of Blades (VM hosts) that we can add?

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  • A VRTX chassis can handle a maximum of 4 blades. Your primary domain controller must be a physical host. This host can either be one of the blades in the VRTX, or if you need additional VM host capacity, you can use an external domain controller and have all 4 blades be host servers.

    You must have a backup domain controller and it can be physical or virtual. If physical, again it can either be a blade in the 2nd VRTX or an external domain controller. If you choose to virtualize the backup, it can run on one of the hosts in the 2nd VRTX.
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    Thanks Bruce for getting back to me...

    Follow up question... Can One Blade Host Server loaded with Windows Server 2012 Std and DeltaV Virtual Studio Applications; be enough to manage 6 Blade Host Servers on two VRTX chassis. The 6 Blade Host Servers are only loaded with Windows Server 2012 Core as base OS. There will be no GUI interface for Windows Server 2012 Core. Each Blade Host Servers will be hosting numerous DeltaV VMs.