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Did you know Syncade has lots of new Administrative tools?

One tool you might not be aware of is the Syncade Admin tool.

The Syncade MES Admin Tool is a standalone Windows application designed for system administrators. It enables users to retrieve system information, rename the application server, modify COM+ and MSMQ user accounts, and modify database details for their Syncade installation.

The Admin Tool has an intuitive interface, allowing you to quickly view the server’s main indicators, including CPU and RAM. The Admin Tool generates logs for errors. If an error occurs, detailed information about the error is recorded, allowing you to identify errors and causes. The Admin Tool also includes over 25 common troubleshooting steps to help system administrators resolve issues faster and with less support. The Admin Tool makes it easier for system administrators to maintain the MES while reducing system-related downtime.

Please feel free to check out the PDF

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