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2015 Emerson exchange - Chemical Industry Forum: Call for ideas for panel topics

Carla Koritnik, Joel Holmes and Robert Sentz (Industry Forum Chair) and I are looking for panel members and ideas to participate in the Chemical Industry Forum at the Emerson Global Users Exchange in Denver, CO, October 12-16th.

The format is 90 minutes with three topics of discussion. Each panel member speaks for about 15 minutes to initiate dialogue followed by 15 minutes of discussion and Q&A with the audience. The 30 minute process is repeated for each topic. Any topic idea in this time of low oil prices will be a bonus for the audience. In considering topics please let me know what are your main issues and concerns today i.e. what takes up most of your time and resources and how are you solving those issues? Anything can be valuable for your industry peers. Topics could include ( but are not limited to ):

- Plant Safety

- Regulatory Compliance

- Bottom line improvements throughput maximizing throughput, increasing reliability,lowering energy costs,...

- Worker effectiveness

- ...

The chemical industry forum takes place 2:30-4:00pm MT on Monday, October 12th in Denver, CO. Additional information can be found online at http://www.emersonexchange.org/americas/

Please contact peter.cox@emerson.com if interested.