RAMP OUT matches the END_VALUE. RAMP Enable is true. But RAMP doesn't show complete. This happens only once in a while.  TRK_IN_D= 0

 . Any thoughts, why? The sequence gets stuck and doesn't proceed further to the next step in SFC.

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  • You may want to check the RAMP_TYPE.

    When RAMP_TYPE = Use Time parameter then the COMPLETE parameter only becomes true after RAMP_TIME is reached or when TIME_REMAIN = 0, in your case it is 3600 sec. or 1 hour.

    Otherwise if RAMP_TYPE = Use Rate parameter then this maybe a potential product issue.

  • Check also if the operator can change the RAMP_TYPE or it is written by a local block or external module. Changing RAMP_TYPE online from Use Rate parameter to Use Time parameter would make the COMPLETE parameter to 0 until the TIME_REMAIN becomes 0.
  • In reply to Neil Castro:

    Thanks for the input. RAMP TYPE is never changed. RAMP/COMPLETE works 99.999% of the time. Exact something, RAMP NOT COMPLETE, happened once before for another application even though the End Value and RAMP/OUT are the same. When I have an issue like this, I simply change the End value little bit then the RAMP/COMPLETE becomes true. I am not sure whether it is a configuration issue or product issue. The challenge is that I can't reproduce the problem.