WIOC/Field Link

Hello All,

I am an engineering coop helping out with installation of a Delta V system.  Ive come here to se if I could get a little information from the pros.  I am designing a small WIOC installation and have a question about the redundant field link antennas.  The question has to do with both placement of the antennas and if both antennas are working with the network at the same time.  I will be placing the antennas at the top of a boiler building and was wondering if I could place the antenna on opposite ends of the roof to expand the network.  I wasnt sure if the redundant WIOC and antenna were "on call" or an active part of the network at all times.  I appreciate any help that I can get.


Thank You

Ryan Betts

  • Hello Ryan! The redundant field links are not used to extend the network. The rule of thumb for the placement of the field links is no closer than 3 ft, but no farther than 10 ft apart. Only one WIOC is active at any given time and only one field link is active at any given time. The intent is that the field devices can follow the same route to the redundant antenna, so the switchover doesn't interrupt the flow of data.
  • In reply to Ben Bishop:

    I agree with Ben. Like the 1420 gateway, they should be mounted at the same height and be spaced between 1m to 3m horizontally. This is to ensure that they provide identical coverage for the wireless field network and to help eliminate coverage gap in the event of a switch over. Only one of them is actively transmitting at any one time, while the other is passive.