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Procedure for Windows Authentication using DeltaV user database

We are trying to use Windows authentication for logging into DeltaV. Currently, we have auto log on as soon as we start the Proplus then users login to DeltaV destop through flexlock. Is there any sync function that we can use for appropriate user groups to automatically login to deltaV when authorized users login to Windows using Proplus and/or a Workstation. Can this be possible by syncing the Active Directory with DeltaV user Database? Also, can we just create user in Windows OS that can have similar userid and password and that can automatically create users in DeltaV without going through user management in DeltaV (I've never done it but I am thinking it could be possible) and we can just download the setup data on Pro+ later. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  • If you click the upper left had corner of FlexLock there is an option for DeltaV Autologon.

    There is no syncing of Active Directory to DeltaV User manager that can be done other than using one way Domain trust but you system has to setup as a domain, take a look at this discussion
  • Anas, you want any one who logs into windows and is in an 'appropriate (windows) group' to automatically get deltav access? Who defines these windows groups? I'm concerned your stated process lacks oversight by the automation system owner, and leaves it all to another entity. If your plan is to manage deltav application rights (as the automation owner) strictly through windows groups , then you would have to write some pretty complicated scripting to translate windows group membership into deltav application group membership. As the automation owner, it's probably not worth the effort considering how straight forward creating and adding users to deltav groups is in user manager.

    Regarding windows logon, an operator station should automatically log into windows and deltav using a least-priviledged account that has no deltav rights other than to view process screens and alarms, and should never be logged out of windows. Users then log into the Deltav application , do their work, then log off deltav or are idle timed out, leaving the least-privileged view only used logged into windows and deltav.
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    Thanks Youssef and Matt. We already have the auto-logon and as you said operators not logged out of windows that is working fine for us. Our plan was, in fact, to authenticate DeltaV users through windows groups but looks like that would an overkill at this point. We may have to come up with some other solutions or just keep using user management. I will update you guys if we were able to get some simple script working. Thanks a lot.