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VBA script using frsruntask to load a word document

I am trying to use the following script to load a word document

frsruntask ("word.exe D:\sample.docx")

When I execute this script I get the following error and the word application does not load     "Error Number: 53 (35) File not found"

When I run the script below trying to load the application only I get the same error 

frsruntask ("word.exe")

When I run this script I can load the notepad application 

frsruntask ("notepad.exe")

Any ideas? 

Nathan Hunt

  • Try using Start D:\example.doc

    Also the program name is winword.exe

    When I try WinWord.exe at the windows run command, it launches Word. And since no file is specified, it allows me to select a document to open. Using Start, I'm assuming the application association with the file extension causes the document to open in word.

    So if you try WinWord.exe in your FRSRunTask, it should find this file rather than File not found.

    Andre Dicaire