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Bulk edit import ' character inserted in expression fields.


When i try to reimport a module thru Bulk Import,  (motor) DeltaV Explorer 11.3 inserts " ' " character in expressions.

So instead "  '//H1160/DI1/OUT_D.CV' = 0" i have " ''//H1160/DI1/OUT_D.CV' = 0".

What is wrong? Could someone explain?

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  • Nobody Knows how to fix this bug? This is a DeltaV Bug, is there a KBA about this?
    What can be done to make the tool of DeltaV Bulk edit to run properly? To stop the Bulk edit from inserting in expressions field "apostrophe " character?
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    I believe KBA NK-1100-0171 describes the behavior that you are seeing.
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    Thank you for response,
    KBA NK-1100-0171 indeed is the one i am looking for, but there is specified :

    Please refer to KBA: AK-1000-0065: DeltaV v11.3 Software Updates. Follow the link for Incident TFS34116 to download the hotfix, which can either be in the form of a standalone hotfix or part of a hotfix bundle."

    At TFS34116 there is no download link
    "For more information, refer to KBA NK-1100-0171: Parse Error in Expressions with External Reference Parameters in Function Blocks During User Defined Import. "

    By any chance somebody has the appropriate hotfix from emerson to fix this issue?
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    That item was fixed by Hotfix: DeltaV_113_WS_04_CSS since it is listed under that section but is superceeded by many other hotfixes with DeltaV_113_WS_11_CSS being the last update.

    Download this from the bottom of the KBA.
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    I could only found the link for that does not work. This mentioned by you: DeltaV_113_WS_11_CSS in what kba can be found?
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    Sorry I had opened an older version of this KBA, The latest version was published on 05 Sept 17 and the download is on page 4 under section 1.2 of the KBA pdf file.
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    Can you tell me the KBA name? It is NK-1100-0171 from the date of 05 Sept 17?
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    It is the KBA in your earlier post with the Resolution, "Please refer to KBA: AK-1000-0065: DeltaV v11.3 Software Updates"