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How to determine which Control Modules are classless in bulk 5000 CM's onsite

I am looking for a way to figure out in bulk a way to see which modules were converted to class less or were created never using a class?  is this possible?  is there way to list which classes are being used per module? 

I am trying to avoid right clicking 5000 CM's

thanks for any help 

  • The only way you will be able to tell about if it was created by class or not is by looking at SUB_TYPE or TYPE and hopefully they will be different. Typically if a module was created from scratch these would be "". The below are the bulk edit fields you would need to pull to check these and compare to the classes.

    As far as the other item about what classes are used, you can use PowerBI Desktop (free download) to get this information pretty easily. Here is a view of this I ran on an demo FHX I had.

    Here is a view of the Visualization settings for this "Stacked Column chart" (You can get this data once PowerBI is installed within 5 mins or less!)

    You could probably also use PowerBI to help determine the Class/Classless from above using the FHX easily as well.



  • In reply to tommy430:

    Just a hint, when you are trying to configure the value under the can't type or select this field (not intuitive!), you have to drag the field you want from fields into this value area.