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Creating Area Sets in DeltaV Analyze

An aspect of DeltaV Analyze which may not be well known is the ability to create Area Sets. Area sets allow reports to be created based on specific plant areas. You can group your plant areas and produce reports of alarm frequency by Area Set. An Area Set can correspond to an operator station's control areas and can indicate how many alarms are experienced by one operator position. If one operator station is responsible for Area A and B and another operator station is responsible for Area B, C, and D,  you can create Area Sets for both operators and schedule reports based on the area set. 

To create an Area Set, follow these steps in DeltaV Analyze:

1. From the Admin functions, click Area Sets

2. Click the New Area Set button

3. Complete the Area Set name field

4. Add a description to help identify the Area Set

5. Select the Data source

6. From the available Members list, select the listed areas (you can select multiple areas)

7. Click the << button to move the selected areas to the Current Members list

8. When done, click Submit Changes

9. Continue creating new Area Sets as needed

You can modify the Area Set by clicking the name of the set in the Area Sets list

To delete an Area Set, click the box next to the name in the Area Sets list and click the delete button.