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Can we read PST Fault bit in DeltaV Control Module (PAS) from DVC6200SIS which is wired to PAS AO channel ?


We have the requirement on a project to read PST Fault bit (Valve Stuck i.e. SIS Partial Stroke diagnostic test failed) using DeltaV Control Module (PAS module) from DVC6200SIS which is wired to PAS AO Channel (i.e. we can not use LSDVC function block).

This information is available as a HART Device Alarm in DeltaV. However, customer want this information to be made available on respective valve Dynamo/Faceplate as a PST Fault Alarm on process displays.

Is there any way/logic through which we can read this bit from DVC/AMS in Control Module? Please share if anybody has tried this previously.

Thanks and Regards,

Abhijit Joshi

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  • In Books Online, look for "Accessing intelligent field device diagnostic data". We use this to access some instrument maintenance alarms from Samson Fieldbus positioners. It works quite well, but I think it does not work for HART.