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DeltaV Proplus IP


I have customer that a realy small system that act similar a BMS.  The system consist of one proplus on simplex controller and a few sls1508.  the proplus is never used as the SLS doing is job of monitorin the safety of the no operation is needed.  we are planning a upgrade of the system and from 11.3.1 to 15.lts.  The customer wanted the Proplus to be virtualized on their VMWare infrastructure and current network infranstructure also.  the current  network ID 10.12.79 /24.  is their a possibility to have the proplus used that network?

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  • No. Must be As a PK standalone, you can change the address of controllers but still in 10.4 X.X range.

    Can you VLAN a virtual network for DeltaV out to a physical switch and connect that to the DeltaV switch?

    Maybe there is a way to use NAT and routes but none of that is supported

    Andre Dicaire