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Timer in EM Dynamo

Hi All,

Can anyone let me know what is the timer (Action_Timer) in the EM dynamo is ??

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  • It is an indication of how long an action has been active so Operators can get use to how longs thing "typically" take and then can tell if something isn't occurring as normal and start investigating why.
  • In reply to Matt Stoner:

    Hi Matt

    Thanks for the reply.

    So it's not on step active, since even if I pause (stop) the sequence, the timer still runs...

    Can you please tell me how & where this time is calculated?

    I found that sometimes even if the sequence goes to the next step the timer is still counting and not reset to zero.. like it does in most of the steps...

    Thanks for your time...

    Have a great day...

  • In reply to Senthilkrishnan M:

    Timer resets on change of ACT_IDX (EM) / P_ACT_IDX (Phase)