DeltaV DCS Interfacing with Allen Bradley Micrologix 820 PLC

Hey all,

I'm working on a project needing to interface an Allen Bradley Micrologix 820 PLC to the customer's DeltaV DCS via ethernet. Does anyone have experience with this? I know its possible to do it with higher end Allen Bradley controllers but I'm wondering if it can work with the lower end controllers too. Thanks!

  • I have two 820's interfaced with DeltaV currently, you will need to utilize modbus since I don't believe the Micrologix 820 platform supports ODVA like the Control Logix or Compact Logix processors do.
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    Thanks for the response. Looking at the manual for the 820 in the specifications it does state "ODVA conformance tested to EtherNet/IP specifications." I guess it would depend on how the DeltaV system is communicating presently either ODVA or modbus.
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    My ODVA VIM is on a different network so couldn't try ODVA with DeltaV and it may have been an outdated ODVA driver issue that prevented me from using ODVA on ClearSCADA with some Micro820's we have in the field and had to use MODBUS there as well but if you have ODVA available I would use that over Modbus.