DeltaV Operator Station Lock Ups

DeltaV 13.3.1 Build 6309

Dell Optiplex XE3 supplied by Emerson

We have a strange issue with our operator stations locking up.  The machine becomes unresponsive and the only fix, so far, is to power cycle it.  The interval is also quite random as several months may go by without an issue and then it will freeze twice in one month.

We are seeing the issue on all 8 of our XE3 machines.  

Has anyone else experienced this or have an idea of things we can check?

On one of the machines, we have disabled all power-saving and sleep options in the BIOS. We have also disabled Speed Step and Turbo-Boost to keep the CPU at its base clock speed.  So far this machine has not locked up again, but it has only been a month.


  • Hi,

    I had similar issues with that style workstation in the past, but ours would become unresponsive and would have to be rebooted to be used again. Nothing would show up in the event viewer that would give me much to troubleshoot. Eventually, I started trying all kinds of different things, and eventually found the issue. The XE3 comes with an onboard NIC and two PCIe NICs. If you are using the Onboard NIC, that maybe the problem. When I disabled that NIC, on all of the stations, the problem went away. So I just configured both of the PCIe NICs for DeltaV primary and secondary and reran Workstation configuration. I was an LBP for Emerson prior to my current position so had a lot of time to mess with this hardware. Hope this helps.
  • In reply to Justin Burgess:

    Thanks for this!
    We have a 4 nic PCIE card installed and we are using 2 nics on it and the onboard one.

    Did you just diable the NIC in windows or in the BIOS?