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Pneumatic controllers


How reliable are the pneumatic controllers over the electronic ones (DVC). We have ones installed in our facility. Are they going to last long in the market ? and what about their cost ? is it the same or close to the Fisher DVCs, for example? Is an upgrade from pneumatic to electronic controller a rational decision and worth considering?

Any thoughts or ideas from your experience please ..

Thank you 

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  • Pneumatic Controllers are very reliable, but we find that when you convert to one of the DVCs you get a variety of control i.e. PIDs with PLC Systems. With the DVCs we have found the trending data to be very useful. Therefore the conversion to electronic controllers offer a higher grade of data acquisition and control.
  • Pneumatic valve controllers and electro-pneumatic valve controllers have a proven reliable history. Equally well rugged, high performance, intelligent, microprocessor based communicating type Digital Valve Controller (DVC) are in operation in process control industries for long time. DVC not only controls and communicate but also provides various auto functionalities (Set Up Wizard, Calibration, Instrument Information, Alerts etc.) vs conventional pneumatic controllers. Importantly enough, DVC provides comprehensive diagnostics with its in-built travel and pressure sensors.
    As per Emerson’s product life Cycle definition, pneumatic valve controllers are still at “Current” product stage. If you would like a more in-depth discussion, we can have Emerson Impact Partner to connect with you.
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