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Question about pneumatic damper control

Hi .

I want to operate a Siemens No.6 Pneumatic actuator with 4-20ma DC signal . Also I need a feedback on damper position also 4-20ma .

Easily enough I can operate the actuator with Fisher 646 I\P (with regulator 67CFR) . But the Position feed back is problematic . What would you propose . ?

Best Regards,

Arie Shpigel

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  • Arie - your options for position feedback will depend on the type of damper you are working with.  If the actuator is rotary, the typical positioner mounting interferes with adding additional devices.  If the actuator is a linear force converted through a rotary linkage, the stroke length of the actuator may be what limits your options.

    Are there other accessories that need to be addressed - such as limit switches or manual over-ride?

    For many applications, changing the positioner to a HART smart positioner rather than a adding an I/P would allow the use of the positioner to provide the feedback using a TriLoop or HIM to provide the 4-20mA position feedback.  

    Let me know the details & I will try to provide more information on the options I would consider.


    Brad Emry