High Pressure Reducing Application

I'm struggling with finding a regulator for a nitrogen supply application that I'm looking to enhance. Currently a valve + controller is being used, but has proved difficult to calibrate, as well as sluggish in responding to changes in system pressure causing downstream relief valves to lift.

The system may prove difficult for a regulator given the high pressures on both the inlet and outlet side, but I'm looking to hear ideas.

Nitrogen Gas application:

Inlet Pressure - 2400psi

Outlet Pressure - 635psi

Relief Valve Setpoint - 700psi

Interested in pursuing a regulator to simplify the controlling device, as well as seeking more responsive feedback.

Let me know if anyone has any experiences in high pressure application regulators, as well as large deltaPs that may make this a difficult job for a regulator.

  • Hello Jared,
    High inlet and outlet pressure can be addressed using the Tescom product line. They should have multiple regulator options depending on your required flow rates. You can follow the link below and it will take you to the Tescom site, where you can look at product catalogs or you can find the local sales office in your area for assistance in sizing, selection, and order processing.

  • Morning Jared,

    TESCOM has many options to optimize your pressure management challenges at these high pressure and deltaPs. In order to ensure we encompass the larger application / system needs (flow rates, decaying inlets, etc), please call the TESCOM tech specialists at 1-800-447-1250.


    Best regards,