High-Capacity Direct-Operated Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators help manage pressure through industrial processes. Direct-operated pressure regulators respond to changes in the pressure downstream and adjust the flow rate to maintain the desired pressure.

Emerson’s Darren Mann shared a quick 2:21 YouTube video with me, Fisher 627BM High-Capacity Direct-Operated Pressure Regulator. The video highlights this addition to the Fisher 627-product family. The balanced trim design enables this pressure regulator to achieve a 1,500psig inlet pressure rating while using a large 9/16” orifice. With a flow rate capability that is five times the traditional 627, the 627BM can displace oversized pilot-operated regulators and parallel runs of direct-operated regulators. This balancing feature saves on startup costs and reduces application complexity.

The 627BM is ideal for gas applications which require the following:

  • High flow-rate applications that would normally require multiple direct-operated or a pilot-operated
  • Class 600 positive shutoff protection
  • Tight accuracy
  • Fast speed of response
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Easy in-line maintenance with top entry design, saving time and manpower

Key advantages of the Fisher 627BM include:

  • Increased capacity and lower installation cost – Eliminate the need for a pilot-operated or multiple direct-operated regulators to save cost and simplify startup
  • One orifice for all applications – The balanced trim enables the 627BM to use a 9/16 in. orifice without reducing the inlet pressure rating of 1500 psig
  • Eliminates inlet sensitivity – The balanced trim prevents setpoint drift due to fluctuating inlet pressures
  • Prevents low flow instability – Pilot-operated regulators can experience instability if they are oversized. The direct-operated 627BM has superior rangeability in low flow applications
  • Easy maintenance – Lightweight, top-entry design, making disk and orifice replacement quick and easy
  • Easy field conversions – The 627BM uses many of the same components as the 627M, including the body, which can make field conversions quick and simple

Watch the video and visit the Fisher 627 product family page for more on this and other direct-operated pressure regulators.

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