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Add a Temperature Point in Less Than an Hour – Even in Challenging Applications. Rosemount X-well Puts Customers Ahead

As a technology leader, Emerson develops a lot of new industrial solutions. Sometimes a new technology is so elegant and solves so many problems for customers, it stands apart, even in a field of innovation. That’s the case with the Rosemount X-well. The X-well is a complete point solution for process temperature measurement that does not require a thermowell or process penetration. It safely records accurate temperature measurements using a unique and highly accurate heat flux algorithm and eliminates the need for cutting pipes, wake frequency calculations or process shutdown.

Those are the facts. The results are where customers really get excited. The Rosemount X-well:

  • Cuts the cost of each temperature measurement point by up to 29%
  • Saves engineering and design time by up to 65%
  • Reduces installation time by 70%
  • Allows users to easily add a temperature measurement point in less than an hour without cutting a pipe or penetrating the process
  • Is an ideal temperature solution in challenging applications such as small pipes, corrosive environments or high velocity flow

 This video quickly walks you through some of the unique capabilities of the Rosemount X-well, an industry first that puts our customers way out in front.