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Configuring a Multivariable Flow Transmitter on the Well Pad is Easier Than Ever

Some measurement devices feature cumbersome configuration software that makes it difficult to configure, install and calibrate Multivariable flow transmitters on the well pad. The Rosemount 4088 MultiVariable Transmitter has a unique HART Port for direct connection to the device without the need to disconnect from the MODBUS loop. The configuration tools are highly intuitive and provide a common process whether through the flow computer or by using a local laptop or handheld communicator. The simple, step-by-step configuration and verification procedures of the Rosemount 4088 Multivariable Transmitter take the complexity and guesswork out.

It can be difficult for your staff to keep up with changing technology in your complex measurement systems, but they must be configured correctly to operate properly. With the Rosemount 4088 MultiVariable Transmitter’s configuration and maintenance tools, your staff can quickly and easily bring new measurement points online and maintain existing measurements. Your crews follow guided set-ups that go step-by-step through the configuration process, taking the guesswork out of commissioning and maintenance. With the Rosemount 4088, you can more effectively implement strategies to meet your measurement regulations and standards.

When well conditions change, technicians must be sent into the field to re-calibrate devices to meet company standards and regulations. If your configuration tools are difficult to use or don’t provide enough diagnostic information, your staff could make mistakes and cause transmitter problems that affect your performance. With the easy-to-use local configuration software for the Rosemount 4088 MultiVariable Transmitter, your staff can complete maintenance tasks more quickly and get more data to better understand what’s going on at the well. Developed with human centered design principles, the Rosemount 4088 configuration software guides your staff through the calibration process or any other maintenance tasks, reducing the potential for error. Plus, you’ll have the diagnostics you need to quickly identify root cause so that you can take corrective actions and get the measurement back online.





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