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Calculating Long Term Stability of 3051S Differential Pressure Transmitter

Dear Emerson Support

I need to confirm the calculation of Long Term Stability of 3051SCD2 Ultra Differential Pressure Transmitter. The datasheet says:

±0.15% of URL for 15 years;

for ±50 °F (28 °C) temperature changes,

up to 1000 psi (68.95 bar) line pressure

I'm a little confused about how to calculate it. So simple way is to do 0.15% of URL and that will be for 15 years. but how to consider temperature changes and line pressure changes as mentioned above? 


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  • The stability specification allows for variation in both ambient temperature and static pressure as defined in our literature.  Within those limitations, the output will be stable to within 0.15% of URL for 15 years.
    For simplicity, we often direct customers to use linear interpolation to determine stability over shorter time-frames, which means after 5 years you would expect 0.05% of URL.  If you are looking to determine a calibration interval for your installation, I have added a link to a white paper that provides guidance for that calculation.

    Calibration Interval Technical Note