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Gas chromatography daniel 500

as chromatography

Dear all
 we had issue  regarding the Daniel® Danalyzer Model 500. Gas Chromatograph.  failure C6 hexan,C2 please note the below.

Observed  While we are facing issue with GC 500 (Error and Range out of limit in and deviation RF alarm  Hexane, Ethane , Propane is showing Zero). What the step to solve this Issue 

So kindly support to fix this issue .

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  • Hi Mohammed,
    Thank you for contacting us. To troubleshoot the problem, our application support engineers may need more information about the analyzer. Please send a request to our support team at GC.CSC@Emerson.com and they will advise on the next steps to solve the problem.

    best regards,

    Khadra Helminski