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gas chromatography

Dear all
 we had issue  regarding the Daniel® DanalyzerTm Model 500. Gas Chromatograph.  failure C6 hexan, please note the below.

Observed GC  Hexane issue showing 0 value. While troubleshooting when it is calibrating from calibration gas Hexane value coming exactly 0.2 % alarm not coming. When it is keeping through Sample line Hexane value going to zero value again alarm giving in DCS and SVR also Hexane low value. Remaining all gas composition are coming exactly.

So could you please advise form emrson or roemont

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  • Hello Mohammed, please send send me an email with your contact details (nishant.thankappan@emerson.com) and we will reach out to you to understand the issue.
    Will it be possible to share the sample and calibration CGM and report to see the peak separations and RF?
    We also need GC configuration file to see the Time events etc.

    Thanks and regards,

    Nishant Thankappan