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Installation of Remote mount Pad-Lok Transmitter assembly

Please guide about the installation of Pad-Lok transmitter remote mount

I have received some fittings which are not threaded, how i am going to install with the remote mount transmitter and sensor.

I have gone through the installation manual but it doesn't guide me about installation of those fittings.

Please guide i can share pictures of fitting and my order number as well.



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  • This link has detailed instructions in the Quick Start Guide:
    A video link will also be very helpful for you:
  • I have received following fitting with remote mount pak lok transmitter, these are not threaded fittings, pipes even the needle valves are not threaded. How to install them? 
    Should we weld them if yes what's the reason of welding, please guide.

  • Hello Musab,

    If you can share pictures of the fittings that may be helpful to our discussion. If you are referring to the needle valve assembly and associated fittings, we offer these in two order options - threaded and socket weld. It sounds like you received the socket weld version, which would need to be welded to complete assembly.

    Please share any pictures you have to help clarify the discussion.

    Thank you,
  • In reply to Dan Cychosz:

     Dear Dan,

    You are right these are socket weld fittings.

    Is it possible to share the details of installation. All the fitting which i have shared in my previous message are socket weld.

    I have following question,

    On Transmitter side we can install 1/2 male NPT connector and then with SS tube we can bring the tube close to 1/2" socket weld isolation valve sent with transmitter, but how to connect SS tube with this isolation valve.

    Please guide.

    Thanks and Regards,


  • Dear Dan, 

    Please see the attached pictures of socket weld fittings received.

  • In reply to musabthelion:

    Hi Musab,

    For the components you have, the easiest installation method will be to weld the isolation valve to the pipe nipple and Annubar Primary as shown in the graphic below. The highlighted yellow sections will need to be welded (please note this is just a representative view, and may not show a proper installation location for your application/fluid).

    You can then use a socket weld to NPT adapter on the outlet of the isolation valve, which is circled in red above. An example of this adapter is shown below.

    This will allow you to connect the tubing that is being run from the transmitter. Please let me know if there is any further information we can provide.

    Thank you,