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I am using the Ovation 3.5.1 system.

I am facing issue in the alarm time stamping, some current process alarms are coming in the date of 1970.

Please see the attached screenshots and advice the remedial action.


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  • Hi Mahmood,

    I talked to one of our engineers. He said, that the solution is as follows:

    1. Verify that the originating controller for the alarm has the correct and current date/time.

       a. If the originating controller does not have the correct date/time, verify/correct the config & reboot.

       b. If it does, remove alarm checking from the point(s), re-enable alarm checking on the point.

    From your description, he believed your situation is option a.  If so, you will need to verify the config for the controller, correct it, download & reboot controller(s).

    In a related note, you can access additional resources - including user manuals and video tutorials - on the Ovation Users' Group portal. The portal will also give you a direct line to the Ovation technical support team if you need help checking the config on the controller.

  • In reply to Greg Schirm:

    Hi Greg Schirm,

    Thanks for your Support and quick Response, its really appreciated.

    I will check the advised steps and contact with Ovation technical support team if needed.

    Thanks again.