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Ovation Alarm Annunciation Text

I am working in a 217 MW CCP and using Ovation 3.1.3 recently we had to change the Alarm Annunciation Texts of some of the points , but we were unable to find the option of displaying it in the Alarm Window. Although there is an option available to display different items (view>Coloumns>) e.g. Date, Time ,Alarm Type, Code, Description ,but Alarm Annunciation Text column doesn’t shows up there, and only point description is being displayed in the Alarm Window in case of Alarm annunciation. This causes confusion for the operator .


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  • Hi Haris - a couple of quick comments:

    1. We also received your email (with the screenshot attachment) addressing this same question. I actually forwarded it to your local Ovation support team yesterday. So somebody should be contacting you shortly (if they haven't already contacted you) to address your question.
    2. Do you by chance have a copy of the Operator Station User Guide for Ovation 3.1.2/3.1.3 (OW312_20)? I am not one of our experts on alarming, but I do know that much of the alarm functionality is described in this user guide.
  • In reply to Greg Schirm:

    Thanks Greg for your help ...looking forward to hear from the support team
    PS: i do have ovation user guide& i will check it for a possible soloution
  • For alarm annunication text to be displayed, you need to configure alarm annunciation first. This text is not for the standard Alarm system.