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Adding a trigger in a MACRO

Dear all,

can someone help me with defining a trigger in a created MACRO?
I tried using an already existing one, and pasted it into a new Macro diagram, unfortunately when i try to expand it for my needs, i realised i lost all of the TRIGGERS. 

So, my question is, where do i define the trigger that a POKE_FLD uses? Appearently not in an application program, but also it is not in OL-objects or Multiline texts...


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  • Hi Marina - sorry for the delay. As I mentioned on LinkedIn I will get an answer for you.

  • Thanks for your question, Marina you've come to the perfect location. :) Per the response below, Greg is "on the case" and will post information to help you solve your issue to this forum. :)

    Best Regards,

    Rachelle McWright | Community Manager, Emerson Exchange 365

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