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How to change the "Active Time" from seconds to hours of the Detail Display?

Hi everyone Emerson Staff Team and others in the industry,

I have a question: How to change the "Active Time"  from seconds to hours of the Detail Display?  We are counting in seconds the operation time of a motor but the textbox may be is to small to show up the real value.

Your comments will be apprecciate.

Best Regards,

Romel R.

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  • Change the animation to look like example for Current Active Time below:

  • Are you reading this time from the EDC block? or is this time being calculated with an integrator block or other logic in the control module?

    I've thought about this and wondered if you can calculate the Hours in the Detail display, using the Seconds value from the control module.

    I ended up modifying the Format properties for the exiting DataLinks showing Current and Total active time. I simply added " / 3600" to the source path, such that the seconds value is divided by 3600 to give number of hours in decimal format. I changed the format to %7.2f, so show two decimal places. When the hour count gets high enough, (tens of thousands of hours), the hourly fraction will eventually disappear. Since we are interested in run time hours, do we really care about minutes and seconds? I don't think so.

    The format expression in my Detail display now looks like this:

    DVSYS.@MOD@/EDC1/ACT_TIME.F_CV / 3600 for Total time
    DVSYS.@MOD@/EDC1/CUR_ACT_TIME.F_CV / 3600 for current time

    Note that the number will be rounded to the nearest value, so if you show no decimal point, the value will show 0 until 1800 seconds, and then will show 1 from 1801 to 5400 seconds, and so on. Again, this is not really an issue if you are interested in hours of run time. After several thousand yours of runtime, who cares about 30 minutes plus or minus?

    Andre Dicaire