Auto Removal of Batch

Hi All

As we know that Delta V Batch  - Campaign Manager has set of execution mode for taking care of Auto removal of batch .

Does this execution mode option have the functionality of auto deleting batches from Batch Operator Interface (BOI) .

One of our Clients ( Sasol ) has requirement to Auto delete Batch from both Campaign manager & BOI .

Kindly Suggest .

  • As I understand, the campaign manager can be configure to automatically remove batches from the batch executive that are complete. I believe this handles your requirement to remove them from the BOI. What the campaign manager lacks is a setting to automatically remove campaigns when they are complete. I have the latter issue that I believe will require scripting against the campaign manager web service.
  • This can be done via VBA script inside DeltaVOperate or .NET coding against Campaign Manager Web Service.

    If there is already something implemented to create campaigns using a Userform inside DeltaVOperate, adding a function on UserForm initialization event to look for COMPLETED campaigns and then deleting them could be a solution. COMPLETED campaigns will be removed when user opens campaign creation UserForm.

    However, it is not so simple because Campaign to be deleted must be in MANUAL mode or code will raise an error. Due to this, cleanup function must first change COMPLETED campaigns to manual mode and then delete them. To make things even more fun, if concurrent access to Campaign Manager is a posibility (two uses working on UserForm from two different Operation Worksations) VBA code may fail when trying to change campaigns to MANUAL or delete them.
    Safe VBA function must first look for completed and not locked campaigns, then change to manual and finally delete them. Because implementing all three steps into same call to VBA function will make UserForm opening to take a lot of time. It takes some time (seconds) for Campaign manager to effectivelly set a campaign to MANUAL mode so if VBA function is designed to reques mode change, wait until mode has been changed and then delete the campaign then UserForm opening will be very slow.
    I will suggest suggest to implement VBA function to perform one possible action for each CAMPAIGN on each call:
    1 - Look for not locked and COMPLETED campaigns who are already in MANUAL mode. Delete them.
    2 - Look for not locked and COMPLETED campaigns who are NOT in MANUAL mode. Change them to MANUAL mode.
    After executing this function, COMPLETED campaigns that were not in MANUAL will not be deleted but they will be deleted on next call to VBA function (in this case next time UserForm is open).