DeltaV upgrade and PCSD Library

When upgrading to a newer DeltaV release, is the PCSD library included with the software upgrade?  Or is the library only available for Emerson led projects?

  • The PCSD library is quite extensive and requires a separate purchase, so it is not included with the standard DeltaV version upgrade. The PCSD library does upgrade along with a DeltaV version upgrade, but that may require more than just the Guardian subscription.
    I cannot comment on the Emerson led project to obtain the library.

    Sal Salamone

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    Do you have PCSD library already and want to know if they upgraded version comes automatically?  Either way, that is a great question to ask your local Emerson representative.  

    I have always been told by Emerson that the PCSD library is not for sale, but a tool they use when doing projects. Maybe that has changed.

  • I'm sure an Emerson person will clarify but here is my understanding. PCSD is a configuration standard consisting of templates and methods. Once the configuration is done the modules created, and the templates, will migrate / upgrade like any other modules. The only reason to get newer PCSD modules would be to get enhanced functionality that may have been added to newer versions. The PCSD standard is used by Emerson, and LBP’s, when they execute a project and only the required module types are provided. Newer versions of PCSD would only become available if Emerson, or an LBP, were to lead another project at the same site.
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    Hi gxmontes, I lead the PCSD program within Emerson and I confirm what Jim said.

    If you upgrade your DeltaV system to a newer release, the PCSD library will not be included. Your current library and control strategy will remain unchanged.
    If you execute a project with Emerson or a LBP, they'll use the latest version of PCSD.


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    For a DCS upgrade project to replace a legacy DCS this is not a concern since we know that we would get the latest PCSD library. The question is how do we manage incremental upgrades.

    For some sites, we started with DeltaV 7.3 and have progressively upgraded to 11.3. We are now looking at upgrading to 13.3. At some point the PCSD library (dynamos, faceplates...) have to be updated to match the DeltaV release to implement the enhanced functionality with newer versions. Is my assumption incorrect? I am just trying to get a better understanding so that work is included in future upgrade scopes, and who can perform these tasks.

    Regards and thanks for all the replies.
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    The PCSD library is like any DeltaV library. Once you've build a control strategy and displays with a library on a DeltaV System (let's say DeltaV v7.3 like in your example), your control strategy, the displays and your library will remain the same even after progressive upgrades (to DeltaV 11.3 and to DeltaV 13.3 in your case).

    You don't have to have the PCSD library version matching the DeltaV release.

    Changing a control strategy just to benefit from the new features of the latest PCSD library would imply a lot of work (depending on the size of your system of course) which would most likely not worth the benefits.
    Changing the graphics to use the latest PCSD graphics library can involve some work as well, but can be justified in one case:

    One advantage I could see to go to another PCSD version would be to have consistency for all the graphics all over the site.
    Imagine that your site has one DeltaV system that you upgraded multiple times from v7.3 until v14.3, and on which you have an old PCSD library.
    Now, you purchase another DeltaV system on version 14.3 with PCSD v14, to replace a legacy DCS.
    In this situation, you may want to change the graphics of your first DeltaV system to get the same look and feel as the new PCSD v14.
    Although this is not mandatory, this could potentially be required if the operators work on all DeltaV systems and if you want to provide displays consistency.
    But even in this scenario, I would not rebuild the control strategy of the v7.3 upgraded system.
    I would rather keep the control strategy based on the old PCSD library and rebuild only the graphics with PCSD v14 graphics library as a starting point.
    Of course, the PCSD library has evolved over the years and the PCSD v14 graphics wouldn't work directly with the old PCSD library.
    That is why I would customize only the PCSD v14 graphics library to map the parameters of the PCSD modules library which was used originally to create the control strategy in version 7.3.
    Then, I would rebuild the displays with this customized PCSD v14 graphics library.

    With DeltaV Live coming soon, this scenario could happen to several users who would want to have all their DeltaV systems on DeltaV Live, and have consistency from a graphic standpoint.
    In this situation:
    - new DeltaV systems would be build with PCSD v14 Live (control strategies + graphics)
    - old DeltaV systems would be upgraded to DeltaV 14 (control strategies remain unchanged) and the DeltaV Operate graphics would be converted to DeltaV Live, using PCSD v14 Live "tuned" to map whatever modules' libraries (PCSD or not) were used on the old DeltaV systems.

    Your Emerson/LBP sales contact should be able to help you to plan the work, depending on your DeltaV systems on site and on your long term vision.


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    I would like to add few more questions to this thread,
    In my case we are planning to upgrade from v11.3 to v13.3 and at present are not using PCSD templates . I would like to include PCSD library during the upgrade and will migrate control modules and graphics on a later stage. My question is when we import PCSD library on an existing configuration database will it have any impact on the existing graphics - colour table or any animation related SI Global parameters that is already in place?
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    The PCSD graphics use functions and color tables from the PCSD SIGlobals. If you have a DeltaV system using SIGlobals but without PCSD, the best approach IMO for your upgrade is to have 2 SIGlobals coexisting on your DeltaV system: your original SIGlobals + the PCSD SIGlobals.
    There is a procedure in the PCSD Books Online explaining how you can have multiple graphic libraries coexisting in a single DeltaV System.