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What is the currently supported KVM for a non-virtualized DeltaV 12.3.1 installation? The PDS makes a reference to the Alliance Program, but I can't find any KVM solutions. http://www2.emersonprocess.com/siteadmincenter/PM%20DeltaV%20Documents/ProductDataSheets/DV_COL_PDS_WorkstationHardware.pdf

How about DeltaV 13? Which KVM is recommended/supported?

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  • Going back several years we originally used BlackBox KVM and was told these products were unsupported so changed to what was supported at the time which is Adder; I believe this is still the supported solution. We are currently running 11.3.1 but will upgrade to DeltaV 13 along with all PC and server hardware this May. No mention of KVM hardware to upgrade as yet so I'm assuming this is current.
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    We are currently using Adder KVM components with v13.3.1 with no issues.
  • The Alliance Program does have various suppliers and products, but a google search for DeltaV and Alliance program will return link to Foundation Fieldbus Third Party products. Your Emerson LBP or sales office should be able to get you the supported KVM solutions available to your world area.

    The Emerson internal Sales webpage for Alliances lists both Adder and Avocent as supported suppliers of KVM's. The information on the website is somewhat dated, (The link to the Adder website for Emerson is not valid) so the best option for you is to contact either the Emerson sales channels, who can navigate to the right resources for approved products.

    You can contact Avocent or Adder directly and ask them to confirm their products which are approved under the DeltaV Alliance program.

    Note that for current rack mount DeltaV workstations, Dell provides a built in KVM for the WYSE zero client(this is in the Product Data Sheet):
    TERA2 Card. NOTE: The TERA2 card supports but does not include SE2500KIT-3, the Wyse 5030 (P25) PCoIP Zero Client KVM Extender for dual monitors or SE2500KIT-4, the Wyse 7030 (P45) PCoIP Zero Client KVM Extender for quad monitors.

    This option is not available on tower workstations and PC, or servers.

    Andre Dicaire

  • Currently Adder and Avocent/Vertiv products are in the Alliance program. I will post an Excel sheet of all current Alliance KVM products to this thread in the next 30-45 minutes. There is generally an equivalent Adder product for every Avocent/Vertiv product in the Alliance Program. The excel file will make this clear for you. This will also be posted on the Global Sales Portal.

    Also note that we will evaluate the Alliance Portfolio in the next few months and any updates will be communicated.

    Let me know if you have any questions.