Serial Link - Swap Least/Most Significant Word (Floating Point)

I would like to configure a holding register data set with Floating Point data type. It means 32 bits (each register being 16 bit long), the least significant word being the first one, and the most significant word being the second one. This is DeltaV Default.

What our device does (e.g. reading a temperature):

Data is stored in Register #40 and #41.

Register #40: 41 EF

Register #41: FF 15

The combined value in hex format: 41 EF FF 15

It's exactly the other way round how DeltaV maps them.

(When configured as holding registers, this is automatically mapped with the default setting into register #40.)

Is it possible to swap this setting (instead of using 16 bit signed registers and combining them with tons of calculations in a control module)?


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