DeltaV Logon Prompt Always Appears even with Auto Logon Enabled

We just did a version upgrade from V14 to V15.  There is one annoyance that has appeared and we can't seem to resolve.  Any advice would be appreciated.

We have the Flexlock "DeltaV Autologon" enabled.  When logging in from Windows, the DV services start, Flexlock is started, and a DeltaV Logon dialogue appears.  On the logon dialogue, the current user is shown as <none>.  I simple cancel out of the dialogue and then click Flexlock DeltaV Logon button and the dialogue shows that that the user is logged in.

So the auto logion is working, but why does the dialogue box appear?  It is a nuisance, but we would like to resolve this strange behavior.

This occurs on all machines (servers, workstations, app stations).  It occurs when Flexlock "Auto Switch" enabled and disabled.

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  • I have learned that this is a know V15 issue and it currently being addressed by KBA NK-2200-0460, Incident Number TFSB829804. There is currently a targeted distribution hotfix available.