Streamlining Proof Testing Procedures

Safety instrumented systems (SISs) require periodic proof testing of all of their safety instrumented functions (safety loops) which include the sensor, logic solver, and final element. An out-of-the-box proof testing solution from Emerson, ProofCheck, is available to provide all the aspects of proper SIS testing in a single solution, including field devices, wiring, signal conditioners, safety logic, basic process control system (BPCS) logic, final control element response, and manually entered data. It automates a manufacturer’s or producer’s safety validation and proof test procedures.,

Formerly known as SIS ProofCheck, it is now ProofCheck since it also enables the same testing, validation, and reporting of the DCS interlocks as it does for the SIS loops. It:

  • Provides fast, repeatable, and reliable testing of your Integrated Control and Safety System
  • Reduces testing time substantially
  • Captures manual and visual verifications
  • Automates setting and releasing of test conditions in SIS, BPCS, and other connected systems
  • Produces off-the-shelf reports capturing manual and automated data
  • Facilitates safe return to operations

For intelligent field devices, ProofCheck enables validation and periodic proof testing may include sending a signal from the instrument to verify not only the instrument but also the wiring and signal conditioners in the path to the SIS. This is also true for Interlock check-outs in the BPCS.

When these test procedures are executed, the ProofCheck application records the response of HART field devices, OPC variable values, and manual inputs—recording these system responses automatically. For manual proof tests and visual verification. These visual verifications include watching for valve movement, seeing/hearing alarms, initiating operator reset actions after safety trips, setting/resetting breakers, etc.

The IEC 61511 clause 16.2.11 standard calls for written proof-test procedures and describes the correct operation of sensors and final elements, proper logic action, and correct alarms and indications. The 61511 standard also requires periodic visual inspections to ensure no unauthorized modifications and no observable deterioration in the system components. Adequate documentation of proof test and inspection is mandated in 61511. ProofCheck facilitates compliance with this global safety management standard.

Visit the ProofCheck page on to learn more about how it can help simplify and streamline your safety instrumented system proof testing processes.

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