How Industrial Facilities Are Prioritizing Safety with Advanced Location Technology

Safety has always been a top priority for industrial facilities, but varying safety regulations, personnel training obstacles, and high implementation costs have presented challenges in creating more encompassing safety programs. From housing complex process equipment to hazardous materials, industrial facilities present unique challenges and more barriers to implementation, preventing these facilities from advancing safety programs at the desired pace.

Enabled by WirelessHARTRegistered technology, Emerson’s Location Awareness system offers an added level of safety and security for at-work employees, visitors, and contractors. This site-specific location solution streamlines safety processes while addressing up to 70% of recordable injuries. Watch the short new video below to learn how to digitally transform outdated safety programs and ensure the safety of your most valuable resource: employees.

Emerson’s Location Awareness system provides industrial companies the opportunity to digitally design safer facilities. Common use cases for Location Awareness include:

Safety Mustering: In an emergency, when every second counts, supervisors can quickly get everyone to a safe area and make sure that all are accounted for. Get relevant-time visibility into which employees have checked in at their designated muster points.

Emerson Location Awareness SystemGeofencing: Digitally create off-limits areas – due to the presence of hazardous materials, training requirements, or other critical concerns – and receive an alert when a boundary is crossed. This can also help better monitor contractors and other valuable assets (especially during atypical periods such as shutdowns and turnarounds), to ensure they are in the appropriate areas of the facility.

Safety Alerts: If someone is injured, in an unsafe situation or witnesses an incident, they can send an alert by pressing a button on their wearable tag. That way, emergency response teams can reach them as soon as possible.

Social Density: Assign a rule of a maximum number of people allowed in a specific zone based on social density calculation and an alert will be triggered when the maximum has been surpassed.

Contact Tracing: Generate records or reports of personnel movement in the facility if needed to enable a faster response should an illness be reported.

With Location Awareness, safer and more efficient facilities are now within reach. Installing an advanced location technology helps broaden important IIoT initiatives to incorporate safety like never before, and facilities will be poised for more successful and safer futures.

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