2016 Emerson Global Users Exchange in Austin, TX, October 24-28

Are you planning to attend this year's Emerson Exchange in Austin?  If so, learn more about this year's Solve & Support workshops & courses:  http://bit.ly/2a2Xx58 #EmrEx 

At this information exchange, you can learn best practices, implementation successes, tips and tricks, and proven project solutions shared by users. More than 350 Workshops and Short Courses are planned this year, covering a wide spectrum of industry and technology specific topics.  There are 48 sessions planned just on refining (using the search tool): https://www.emersonexchangeregistration.org/2016/connect/search.ww

There is also a myExchange Tool to help registered attendees prepare for the event: http://www.emersonexchange.org/americas/myexchange-tool/

I hope to see you in Austin at the end of October.