Controlling More Than Just the Turbines at a Wind Farm

Control of the turbines at a wind farm is an obvious consideration when discussing a wind turbine control system or SCADA system. This can occur at the individual turbine level for yaw control, pitch control or generator control. Or it can scale to management of the entire farm, management of multiple wind farms as well as connections to the macrogrid.

However, we recently completed a wind farm project where a single-platform, Ovation SCADA solution was used to integrate multiple systems for battery management storage, inverters, substation, capacitor bank and the individual wind turbines.

As one may surmise, this was a very comprehensive project and the battery system was of particular importance as it helps regulate and sustain power to the grid during variable wind conditions. For this project, Ovation reduces the wind farm output variability by controlling the active and reactive power set-points of the wind turbine inverters and the battery to yield a maximum combined ramp rate.