Retrofitting Wind Turbine Control for Improved Performance

The use of wind turbines in the global energy mix continues to grow. According to the International Energy Agency:

In 2021 wind electricity generation increased by a record 273 TWh (up 17%). This was 55% higher growth than that achieved in 2020 and was the highest among all renewable power technologies. Such rapid development was possible thanks to an unprecedented increase in wind capacity additions, which reached 113 GW in 2020, compared with just 59 GW in 2019.

As the wind turbines age, retrofitting the controls becomes increasingly necessary to help increase the turbine’s annual energy production, heighten its availability and provide modern remote access. The turbine’s lifetime can be extended with better profitability combined with renewed access to spare parts.

This quick 1:41 YouTube video, Optimize Wind Operations with Emerson Turnkey Retrofits, shows an installation of a Mita-Teknik retrofit solution, including plug-and-play controllers. The retrofit was installed in less than one working day.

The scope of a typical retrofit project includes engineering to perform a comprehensive analysis of the turbine to propose and implement the best solution. The solution consists of the main control system, turbine application software, supervisory control & data acquisition (SCADA) software, grid connection system, condition monitoring application, park control, certification, training, and ongoing support.

All turbines ranging from kW to the MW class can benefit from being upgraded with new technologies. No matter if it is stall, active stall, pitch, 2 or 3 bladed turbines. Emerson’s extensive experience and know-how cover many of the turbines ready for retrofit today.

Visit the Wind Turbine Retrofit page for more on the components in a complete retrofit solution.

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