LIMS Integration in Life Sciences

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are a critical system for pharmaceutical manufacturers.  LIMS systems are used to manage sample plans, track samples that are collected, print sample labels, interface with laboratory instruments, and store analysis results of the collected samples.  In most cases during production the sample labels are generated in the laboratory or by plant floor personnel, samples collected and submitted to the laboratory and then lab results printed out and attached the batch record as a Certificate of Analysis (COA).  The samples results might be compared to a sample plan and the results also recorded in the batch record as pass/fail based on the sample plan and acceptance criteria.  The results are then used for a variety of purposes such as lot release, acceptance testing, yield determination and/or downstream calculations.

Integrating with a LIMS system and automating these manual transactions can be very powerful when implementing process automation systems such as DeltaV and/or Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) such as Syncade.   The following transactions provide examples of LIMS transactions that can provide a powerful integration with LIMS.  Generally these transactions are executed at key points in process recipes or electronic batch records.


There are many other transactions that LIMS integration can provide to make plant floor operations more efficient and these examples provide limited examples of what’s capable.   In my experience most of the work of automating these types of transactions involves the sequencing decisions and the not the nature of the transaction which is automating manually LIMS transactions.  For further information on LIMS, Joe Peden of Innaphase has posted a good overview article When is a LIMS a Pharma LIMS? that provides some great thoughts on the unique requirements of the Life Sciences industry.

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